Our Services

Immigration & Settlement

We provide a range of services to support and assist newcomers to settle down in new Community and Canadian society.  This includes but not limited to:
• Information/Orientation
•Referral to Community Services (i.e. housing, English classes, family, employment counselling, health, legal etc.)
• Assistance with servcies sprovided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
• Informal Counselling
• Advocacy and Support
• Service Bridging

Financial Growth

We help to manage your monetary assests by investing into real estate industry, mutual fund and participating insurances.

With our hands-on experience and direct guidance, you are guaranteed a annual return of 8% to 20% depending on the products that your investment goes.

Business & Career

We provide small business start-up orientation and consultation, help new business owners in their business registration as well as managerial consultation.  For individuals who seek for personal growth in industry big players, we provide career guidance as well as referral to industries that we have wide and mature network with.